A New Tradition

I decided to get better this year. In my pursuit to being and staying sober (as well as getting back to what I truly enjoy) I came up with my “new tradition”. It is essentially watching a new film everyday (or really, as often as I can) that I take in *mindfully*.

In my medicated haze I wasn’t even paying any attention to what was going on—I watched the same things over and over again. Now that I am not distracting myself or concerning myself with drugs, social media, or email while engaged in a film, I *am* and *can* pay attention.

I am discovering what my favorite films are to watch, too. Before I thought I wasn’t even into the “right” kind of movies to be considered a “film buff” or “cinephile”—but that is kind of bullshit. Any kinds are the “right” kinds of movie to love. I like thrillers and comedies and horror and Marvel and Hitchcock…None of which makes me any less of a film fanatic.

By establishing a ritual around what it is that I *actually* love and not what I think I *should* be loving, I have found my voice and *that* is why I know that movies are fucking magic. Now I am standing in my truth and with this new freedom from my addictions, I am re-establishing a connection with myself thanks to the power of storytelling.

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