Feeling Blue

There are huge changes happening in my life that mainly revolve around getting and remaining sober, so movies have become my way to cope in a healthier way. Before I was alone so I could cultivate my relationship with my addiction and ultimately, protect it.

Today was definitely one of “those days” where I was so sad I couldn’t see straight and all all I wanted to do was get high.

Instead, I got myself off my couch, got a movie ticket, and went to see the fluffiest possible movie that I could at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon: Dumbo. And I liked it quite a bit, but I had ulterior motives: I knew that any conflict was going to be wrapped up in a bow by movie’s end. But, this isn’t a bad thing—its part of what makes movies so great to me.

When I am feeling blue and having a major depressive moment, I know that I can turn to a movie and find a way back to myself, as well experience a resolution. There just isn’t anything more calming than seeing a plethora of conflicts resolved in less than two hours (thanks, Disney).

I was feeling more than sad today and having the opportunity to escape was all the medicine I needed to feel better. This is why we tell ourselves stories, to remember who we are, what we love, and how to ease some of the pain. I no longer need my addiction, I have a healthy new one. Movies truly are magic in more ways than one and it’s why I love them so much.

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