Fright night

I love psychological thrillers so as part of my movie watching practice, I’ll be watching one weekly! And it might seem counter-intuitive to a blog about the calming aspects of cinema only to have a specific focus once a week on a thriller film, but I make the rules here and they’re my favorite genre.

Thrillers take me out of my head more so than any other genre of filmmaking. The horror/thriller genre has a special power that dissolves the world around me, gets me to question what is actually going on, and what did I just see?! 

This week I watched What Lies Beneath, [spoilers ahead] which I feel is a totally underestimated film. There are a multitude of devilishly tricky camera set-ups that still have me questioning how in the hell did they do that? They got Harrison Ford to be an asshole, women to be the real heroes, and mystery to take hold like no other.

But, above all, what got me to re-watch this year 2000 treasure, was remembering seeing it with my best friend in high school. We saw all the scary movies we could together and there were some gems in the early oughts. (Do the words Darkness Falls ring a bell?) But I miss her everyday and tonight was no different.

I love how watching a film can bring back memories of people that have left us. Again, this is why I believe movies are magic. No matter what the genre, they can comfort, remind us of sweet memories, and truly encapsulate a special era of our lives.

Next week I’ll be seeing Us for the third time because its just that mind-bending and I love it.

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