Back from the doctor’s

When I woke up today, the water in my building was shut off, the power had gone out, my balcony was overflowing with water from the gigantic snowstorm yesterday (Colorado really does have 300 days of sunshine) and I still had to make it to my biopsy appointment.

Needless to say, today was not my day and I’m a human being who struggles with addiction so I just wanted to use something to take the edge off. But, because I knew that I could dive into a favorite albeit unconventional film later I made it to the doctor’s for the biopsy.

Feeling more than vulnerable, and a little alone, I decided to put on Prometheus. Yes, Prometheus, the precursor to Alien. It’s a favorite of mine, not just because of Micheal Fassbender’s performance, but because I love watching what filmmakers think the future will look like—and what we will discover as space travel becomes easier.

[Spoilers ahead] Movies, even at the worst of times, are what brighten any day of mine—like when you have to go to the doctor for an invasive procedure and you won’t know what’s wrong for a few days. Luckily my power had been restored along with some good cheer after seeing a badass woman lead survive when no one else does. Magic. It does exist.

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