A Triumph

100 days ago, around the time that Mary Poppins Returns came out, I decided to get sober. I determined once and for all to be true to myself and begin enjoying the kind of life I had before my addition. And it wasn’t hard for me to tap into the joy movies impart upon my spirit.

So, there I was sitting in traffic yesterday, sick of all my playlists, when the Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack popped up. I wasn’t really in the mood for such happy music, but I threw it on anyway. Suddenly everything from the earlier part of this year came flooding back to me— how much I had been struggling, how afraid I was, how alone I felt.

As soon as I heard Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice, I was back in dark parking lots with snakes in my stomach not knowing if I could walk into my first AA meetings. And these songs, this musical gave me the strength to to step inside of a place I never thought I’d be.

But still, I went in and got the help I needed. It wasn’t an easy path to walk, but because of this movie and their passionate songs, I didn’t have to walk it alone. That is some powerful magic only a musical could provide.

I lost my best friend in the world to a drug overdose, and that easily could have been my story as well. There isn’t a day that goes by I do not think of her quick wit, funny voices, and caring heart.

Today I am immensely proud that I made it to 100 days sober. I did it for my best friend. I did it for myself. And thanks to Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda I didn’t have to do it alone. It is so easy to forget, but its true that a new point of view is awaiting you, if you would just look up.

So today, I am looking up. All it took was a little magic from the movies.

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